About Us

While founded in 1993, some fine jewelry retailers are still getting to know GM-Ideal Corporation. Chances are you’ve seen our diamond designs for years, yet may not have realized we produced it. Until now.

Trusted Diamond Jewelry Partner

GM-Ideal Corporation is the selected diamond jewelry partner of many of America’s largest and most prestigious department stores and the world’s leading retail jewelry chains. These long-standing relationships are maintained by consistently and continuously providing superior quality through one key business model: private label.

By forecasting diamond fashion accessory looks and functionality, supporting market trends and sustaining classics, GM-Ideal holds a strong message in our name. We are an ideal partner for jewelry retails, as proven by our leading national luxury partners and now offered to qualifying independent retailers across North America.

Market Tested

GM-Ideal test markets many of our diamond products through current, national luxury partnerships in-store, all across North America.

When multiple leading jewelry department stores continuously feature our product in their catalogs online, it typically means the item is trending strong. Without searching for the best quality, lowest priced look-a-like design to stock, you may now profit from purchasing the identical diamond design direct from GM-Ideal… quickly, precisely and with complete assurance.

Superior 24/7 Account Access

From select product packages, custom displays, re-orders, strategic local marketing assistance, product image/ad creative instant downloads to 24/7 access to inventory and pricing, GM-Ideal lives true to our name.

Through www.GM-Ideal.com, by means of a private log-in, together, we’ll maintain your GM-Ideal inventory, monitor turn, stock rebalancing, trade-outs and custom requests. Often the process is personalized by a GM-Ideal diamond merchandising specialist. You’ll have 24/7 security protected online log-in access in any case.

Private Label or Pre-Branded Retail Packages: Your Choice

Selected diamond design themes are merchandised in “Go to Market” retail package. Each ships complete with displays and the four present collections are offered in select precious metal and diamond quality types, per collective themes. See Themed Collections to embrace the power of GM-Ideal for your store now.

Superior 24/7 Account Access

Through our jewelry packages, GM-Ideal takes the guess work out of diamond design buys.

Our executive merchandising team forecasts style, shape, form and function in natural, investment grade diamond jewelry. GM-Ideal support fashion trends not fads, so our jewelry is evergeen.

Our jewelry package names speak to leading and trending themes. Each present themselves with collection names, logos and supportive ad creative, yet each is also the perfect product description, so one may use the name as your collection name or romance the product by leveraging the wording as copy in your descriptions online, in print and with your sales team. An example is “Diamond FringeTM”. While a trademarked collection name at GM-Ideal, it is available to you to use as a collection name, have your store name proceed the “Diamond FringeTM” namesake, or simply use the wording “diamond fringe” in your product description for fashion forward wording, proven higher ranking SEO (key word searches) and for sales and consumer memory recall.

With GM-Ideal, your wholesale purchases now have a luxury platform, in loose or diamond set platinum, 18k or 14kt gold designs – each with a focus on catering to what your local market consumer desires.

You’ve found a superior U.S. fine jewelry manufacturer with a long-standing, proven history of private label sales and we’re here to help you now. Enjoy a direct and affordable means to the most fashion-friendly and classic styles, each set with notable, quality assured high quality diamonds.

Join the leaders in U.S. jewelry retail who describe the GM-Ideal partnership as nothing short of “Ideal.”

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